Ranil's Jungle Party


Sound Hall Presents:
MICHAEL PIGOTT OF Masstropicas Records
in conversation with Rick Omonte

Monday, November 29, 2010 | 6:30PM

Bru Cafe
141 Orange Street
New Haven, Conn.
Free and open to the public

Limited copies of Ranil’s Jungle Party are on sale at
Detritus at Project Storefronts
71 Orange Street
New Haven, Conn.

Michael Pigott is owner/operator of independent record label Masstropicas, dedicated to collecting and re-issuing little-known Peruvian cumbia records from the 1960s – 1970s, like the recently released RANIL’S JUNGLE PARTY (2010). From the distributor: “For the uninitiated, Peruvian cumbia was to Peru as Tropicália was to Brazil—a 1960s – 1970s popular music style that mixed traditional music with those of African and the West. Hailing from the Belen district of Iquitos, nestled within the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, Ranil and Co. were definitely digging on some Western Surf music while keeping alive the traditional highland “huayño” dance music.”

Pigott has been travelling to Peru to work with the original artists to re-master and license their music for re-issue and independent distribution to North American audiences. Pigott believes in the material and cultural value of vinyl and cassettes. The physical object of recorded music holds particular meaning for him. His has been an Americas-spanning effort to call attention to these musics and musicians who have never found, or have long lost, audiences beyond South America. Join us as we listen to and discuss the music and the complicated politics of its contemporary presence in North American markets.