Isla de la Mona

Abraham Gomez-Delgado

SOUND HALL along with the BIG ROOM and the Uncertainty Music Series present

Isla de la Mona, Part I: One man’s solitary search for the soul of salsa

Composed, written and performed by Abraham Gomez-Delgado, with Melanie Maar (dance), Alvaro Benavides (bass), Juancho Herrera (guitar), Pablo Bencid (drums), and Ali Bello (violin)

8pm, Saturday, March 2, 2013
Take Your Time Performance Series
Erector Square 319 Peck St. New Haven, CT, Building 6W, Studio D
Tickets are $10. Advance reservations can be made by email:

Isla de la Mona (Part I) is a magical realist music/dance/video performance piece dealing with issues of individuality and community around the creation of a one-man-salsa-band. The story illustrates the creation of the EJE, aka the One-Man-Salsa-Band (OMSB), an instrument designed and constructed by Abraham Gomez-Delgado to capture all the complex rhythms of Latin music by a single performer.

Part solo, part group performance, and part video, Isla de la Mona features Gomez-Delgado along with a cast of extraordinary musicians and dancers (including the members of his critically acclaimed avant-salsa band Zemog el Gallo Bueno). Through the tale of an isolated individual’s search for human and musical community, the piece reflects upon post-colonial identities and revisionist histories, exploring the radical differences between African communality and European individualism. It raises questions about the value of solo and group in both the playing of the instruments that make up OMSB and in the music it creates.

Abraham Gomez-Delgado is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and performance artist of Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico he moved to the US as a child. Described by Global Rhythm Magazine as “the new century’s mad scientist, creating a musical hybrid so seemingly wrong it can be nothing but right”, Gomez-Delgado leads Zemog el Gallo Bueno, co-leads the trans-idiomatic big band Positive Catastrophe with composer Taylor Ho Bynum, and has a performance art group under the name EJE. He is also a member of the interdisciplinary dance and music performance group Quartet Collective. He is an Assistant Professor of mixed-media at Bloomfield College in New Jersey.